Om by Peter Marinelli

Om by Peter Marinelli

Meditate on the sound OM.

Quietly or with volume – OM.

Weather in a chair, because of physical challenges, or in a Lotus position, or simply sitting – meditate. I have my mediation place. With with sage, candles, religious and spiritual articles, some photos and quiet.

Breathing in God and breathing out. Know that you are not only one with the breath but one with the Power that supplies the breath. It is your God breathing through you and for you. Breathing in God and breathing out.

Be mindful of your posture and breath.

If the mind drifts, do not resist. Meet the resistance with no resistance. Don’t struggle or create conflict, just BE. When you become aware you have drifted from the focus of breath you have then returned back to breath. Awareness, awareness, awareness.

So I sit three times a day and give attention to the Power.

Give your place of mediation its dignity. Create a place and a space where you go to start the day and to close the day.

Then we can chant. OM

Quietly or with volume. OM

Listen to the vibration of OM, how is resonates within. How it resonates with the energy, which is you. OM

In meditation we return to recognize the silence is that which we are and will always be. We don’t need to create it as we cannot create that which already exists.

Breathing in God and breathing out.



Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

Director of Sober Residences

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