Mississippi Man Uses Life Experience in Drugs And Prison To Rehabilitate Leaving Convicts

Benny Ivey had a hard life growing up in Jackson, Mississippi, with parents who progressed from one hard drug to harder drugs. He lived in a household that focused on feeding those addictions. Ivey’s parents would direct him to commit crimes to pay for meth and other drugs, which he also began to take part in abusing. After many run-ins with the legal system, both as a minor and as an adult, he was a teenage meth addict who grew into an adult meth addict.

He joined a gang, and bounced in and out of prison until he met a meth-dealer-turned-counselor named Randy Adams.  After speaking with Adams, Ivey got the resources he needed to quit his addictions, and became a “credible messenger” to juvenile detention facilities, telling his story to prevent a new generation of lost souls.

If you or a loved one needs help with quitting an addiction, Ivey’s story stands as proof that it’s possible – especially with the help of addiction specialists. To start detoxing in Florida give us a call at (844) 299-0618 or contact us online.


“Whenever we yell, y’all come running!”

Benny Ivey’s father Glenn had just told him and his brother Danny to hide on the side of their small shack at the bottom of Marsalis Lane in South Jackson.

Benny was 15, and Danny was 16 that night in 1991 as they crouched down, getting ready to ambush a crack dealer who was about to show up any minute. Glenn handed Benny a stick from an oak tree in the yard and Danny a baseball bat.

Marsalis Lane is narrow and hidden on the north side of Raymond Road, a main thoroughfare through a then-booming middle-class neighborhood of Mississippi’s capital city. You can miss the tiny lane if you don’t know it’s there, sandwiched like an alley between two busier residential streets. Click Here to Continue Reading

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