Mindfulness Meditation – A Body Scan

There are a lot of ways to live a healthy, sober life, apart from alcohol and drug addiction, but all of them include knowing a healthy way to calm down, control cravings, healthy ways to manage triggers, and find a few peaceful moments to yourself each day. A great way to make this happen is through mindfulness meditation.

Body scans are a kind of mindfulness meditation meant to connect you more intentionally with your body. This kind of meditation is a great way to relax the body during anxiety or when trying to fight insomnia. Before you begin, find a comfortable place to be. Either lie down on your bed, the floor, or sit comfortably without your legs crossed. Make sure your posture doesn’t construct your breathing.

Start by closing your eyes. Think about your eyelids and how they rest against the eye when closed. Think about your eyelashes meeting and resting on your cheeks. Think about the darkness of closed eyes.

Take a deep breath inward and release it slowly.

Next move up to think about your own ankle. Keeping your eyes closed think about the way your ankle anchors foot to leg. Acknowledge and accept any discomfort or sensations you may be having, breathe deeply in and out.

Now with eyes still closed, think about the way your legs move for you, lift for you, run for you, dance for you. Think about how they have worked for you your whole life, consider when they have hurt and when they have saved you or helped you run or crouch. Legs can become co-conspirators, helping us keep our secrets, moving us toward safety or healing. Spend some time appreciating where your legs have taken you.

Next move up to your core. That which balances your body. That which keeps you upright. Examine if you feel strong there, weak, uncomfortable. Feel your body inhale and exhale. Be grateful for the feeling of a healthy core. Especially after going through a drug detox facility or a medically supervised alcohol detox program, appreciate the stamina and health of your core, your physical stability.

Move your thoughts to your lungs, shoulders, neck. Trace the lines of your clavicle in your minds eye. Examine your neck and appreciate the way it holds up your posture, supporting your head. Allowing for so much expression and flexibility.

Come back to your face and relax the corners of your mouth. Allow your tongue to relax in your mouth and spend some time breathing deeply.  Continue deep breathing until you feel fully relaxed. After your body scan you might consider stretching and drinking plenty of water.

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