Matt Roloff

Little People Family Faces Big Drug Problems

Roloff family struggles with new drug challenge

They are one of America’s most beloved reality TV families, but just because they are little doesn’t mean they are spared from big drug problems.

As reported by Radar Online, Matt Roloff’s family is facing yet another drug-related challenge. Just one year after the Roloff family’s beloved farmhand Camerino Gonzalez Sanchez was deported for a cocaine possession conviction, the Little People, Big World clan is facing another drug crisis.

Matt Roloff’s assistant turned girlfriend Caryn Chandler, 49, has a young son struggling with addiction, her daughter Brittany has claimed on social media.

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“Tonight and most nights, I fall asleep wondering where my brother is, if he’s safe, and what tomorrow will bring,” Brittany, 21, wrote on her Instagram page in October. “The heavy misuse of prescription drugs and opportunity to deal has turned my brother into someone I hardly even recognize anymore. I struggle to understand what this epidemic has become and why it has to be this way.”

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