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The internet is full of countless forums and groups. You can find any kind of support group there with people from all over the world who are ready to support each other as they move through life, struggle or success. It’s a beautiful example of people reaching out across cultural differences and time zones to acknowledge the shared human experience.  


Find Support Online Where It May Be Hard In Your Everyday Life

If you struggle with addiction and just went through drug programs in Florida– drug detox, at an alcohol detox and rehab center or even an outpatient detox center, then it may be scary to start going out right away to meet people, especially if you lost some friends along the journey through treatment. But at an online support group you can be yourself without fear because you are anonymous. It’s easier to be ourselves sometimes when we have a mask on. The internet provides you something of that space from the people you are interacting with. Use this time to find fierce and supportive network of friends from diverse backgrounds and locations. Having that behind you can be a very empowering thing. You can also use this time to build your friend-making muscles again, as well as your people skills. As you are there, you will find meaning in your connections and will begin to gain back some of the confidence that troubled relationships can instill in an addict. What a hugely important kind of healing.


Online Forums are Open 24/7

One of the most advantageous part of joining an online forum or support group is that it never closes. It doesn’t mean that if you post at some ungodly hour that anyone will necessarily respond, but I’m guessing you’ll find that someone does. Our world is so very diverse and the internet has really allowed us all a place to come together and share with one another. There will likely be someone in your group who lives in a different time zone and wants to help a friend.


Online forums are an easy way to slide back into meeting people, a way to build a support network who are available almost anytime. Look for one that meets your needs, as specifically as you can, and sign up now. You have nothing to lose, and great friends to gain.

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