IV Lounges: A New Wellness Trend?

Are IV Lounges a safe new trend?

IV therapy, or IV drip therapy, is a term used frequently to describe the process of pushing fluids into the body to enhance the health and well-being of a client. This isn’t a new service or treatment. Up to 80 percent of people who are hospitalized receive some type of intravenous therapy during their admission, according to BMJ. What is new and trendy is the locations offering these services and the promises they make.

What if you could step into a comfortable lounge, receive a treatment for a hangover and feel great the rest of the day? Or, if you feel down and out, a boost of Vitamin C could improve your outlook. These are the promises made by IV lounges, a trend made popular through reality television programs and holistic providers. Yet, there is a significant difference between IV lounge therapy and the IV therapy you may receive at a medical provider.

The IV Lounge Trend – What Is It?

An IV lounge is a location people can visit to have an IV placed into their arm and a substance pushed into their veins. The simplest form is just a saline fluid, which can help with dehydration. Yet, many locations offer a variety of solutions to inject, ranging from mineral-focused products to vitamin therapy. In some cases, these are a good way to get those nutrients, but the lounge trend isn’t an ideal choice.

The Risks of Non-Standard IV Therapy Providers

IV Bars - On recent FTC ActionVisiting a location that offers IV drip therapy as its sole service or one of the numerous holistic treatments it offers isn’t advisable. First, the amount of oversight at these locations may be minimal. You really do not know what is in the saline solution they are using. Additionally, there is a higher risk of infection in these areas. Veins can be damaged from improper placement of the line. And, for some people, a medical emergency can occur simply because of the amount of fluid or the type of nutrients contained within the solution.

The Federal Trade Commission recently took action against a Texas firm that made claims that their IV cocktails could treat serious disease. Their promises were not accurate. This is just one example of the risks consumers take when using IV lounges. False claims are very common. Promises of curing illness or improving life quality are just a few of these claims.

At FHE Health we encourage you to only use a location capable of providing exceptional service that is medically overseen. The services we offer using IV therapy are significantly different. We offer IV therapy that uses nutrients proven to be capable of supporting your efforts through addiction treatment.

What Happens in a Typical Drip Therapy Treatment at an IV Lounge?

Each location is very different. In most situations, individuals use these facilities because they believe they are taking charge of their health. The fluids typically contain vitamins and minerals in various formulations. The costs range from $80 to $875, according to a report from CBS. From immunity boosting combinations to treatment for the flu, these locations promise a significant amount of support through IV therapy.

Individuals visit the location (and some even make house calls). The technician inserts an IV into the vein, usually in the arm. Then, he or she connects a bag of saline fluid with any minerals or vitamins desired. Over a process of 30 minutes to two hours, the liquid flows into a person’s vein and throughout their circulatory system. The nutrients here enter the cells faster because the method bypasses the digestion system.

Is There a Time to Use IV Therapy?

Goals of IV TherapyThe IV lounge is best avoided due to their limited regulation and lack of transparency, but there are other providers and reasons to use these tools. Men and women who struggle with alcohol or drug substance disorder may benefit from this type of therapy. In these cases, our licensed technician administers care with the goal of restoring the body’s hydration and nutrient levels to optimum levels.

At FHE Health, we provide IV therapy in a controlled environment and with very specific goals. These include the following:

  • Providing important vitamins and nutrients to the body at a critical time is essential, helping you overcome the nutrient depletion common with addiction
  • Hydrating the body with IV fluids helps to minimize the symptoms of withdrawal during the detoxification process
  • Using IV therapy to encourage recovery because the individual feels better, and the increased nutrients improve energy and boost the immune system’s ability to function

This type of treatment is safe and based on science. It is not available to individuals who simply have a hangover. Rather, the customized treatment supports the body through detox and recovery by supplying valuable nutrients, much like what you may get in a hospital setting.

Does IV Drip Therapy Work?

Those struggling with dehydration, poor nutrition and a lack of energy are likely to feel better after receiving IV therapy. However, individuals facing these types of conditions are very ill. This type of support is necessary to give the body the support it needs to begin to heal while also flushing out the toxins and chemical buildup present due to drug or alcohol exposure. It’s also just one of a group of treatment options provided to individuals in our mental health and addiction treatment plans. Each patient receives a complete treatment plan that includes holistic treatment and medically necessary care.

At Florida House, we provide IV therapy in a medically supervised setting with high-quality nutrients for those who need hydration and support through the drug and alcohol recovery process. If you or your loved one is battling any form of addiction, this service may be one we recommend. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about our services and for one-on-one care that’s customized to meet your needs.

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