It’s Never Too Late to Recover

Make no mistake: the longer a person goes without recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction the harder it is, but a recovery is possible no matter what you’ve been through. The secret ingredient is hope.


A lack of hope is one of the common reasons why so many people resort to drug or alcohol abuse in the first place. They may come from poverty and use the substance in an attempt to block their fear and stress. Or perhaps they are suffering from some form of chronic pain and are giving up hope that it will get better. Often, an addiction starts for entertainment purposes and then transitions into a chemical dependency and a person feels goes through withdrawal symptoms when they’re not using it or they associate having a good time and feel that they can only have a good time if they’re using the substance.

The longer a person goes without a shift in this perspective, the more our brains become wired to accept it as the truth. We start using words like “I am” rather than “I feel”. We start viewing the addiction as a permanent thing and this makes it something hard to change.



Realizing that our addictions aren’t just permanent part of our personality takes very a deliberate sustained effort. Think of it in terms of rewiring your brain. It’s the act of forming new mental pathways to think in new ways; to accept that perspectives we might not have given enough attention to can in fact be real.


To do this, we need some sort of intervention to fully accept that change can happen, but here’s the kicker: change might not come in the form that we want. We have to let go of a certain amount of control and recognized that we need to allow the changes room to solidify and happen long-term.

Support Groups

Recognizing that you’re not in this alone is one of the best ways to recover. Support groups are incredibly useful because they can help us see that we’re not the only one with these experiences—and that others have seen the other side. Support groups can also provide us with some peer pressure to make sure we stay on the right path, and if we falter to get back up without giving up. No matter how old you are, or how long you have been addicted, support groups can provide you with the support and guidance you need to restructure your life to get better.

If you are in need of help to recover from drug or alcohol abuse, there are detox facilities in Florida or whatever state you’re in. When you call, you can discuss ways to develop a plan for recovery. Let your intake professional know if you’ve been using for a long time as your personal and family history may change what options are best recommended. No matter how long you’ve been using, you can stop. Therapy, group work, detox, and developing a new lifestyle can help you find the hope you need to create the life you deserve. Call us today to get started at (844) 299-0618.

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