Family Solutions and Addiction Recovery

While some of the stigma of recovery has been reduced in recent years, television and movies often show a very individualistic form of treatment that is not always the case. The image of the lifestyle of people addicted and how they recover may be perfectly accurate for some and very different from others. This disparity can be a problem as it leads to stereotypes which may prevent people from seeking help when they need it. One area that often goes unaddressed is the role of the family in recovery.

Families Can Help Recovery

If you found yourself reacting negatively to the header of “families can help recovery” you might want to skip to the next part and read it first. For some people, families can be very helpful. We tend to associate recovery with inpatient therapy, but often outpatient recovery is the way to go. If this is the case, the family unit itself needs to be part of the process and some changes need to occur to make it work.

Drug and alcohol addiction usually has both a nature and a nurture component. There may be issues in a family that make it difficult for a person to recover. Often this is in the form of guilt or perceived judgment. Families have to be willing to learn about the science of recovery, to learn that drugs affect a person’s ability to choose. They need to learn how to establish and maintain boundaries. If so, they can provide the love a recovering individual needs to avoid relapse.

Families Can Hinder Recovery

Unfortunately for some people, their families may be a large part of the problem. Issues arising from families may be a factor contributing to the creation of bad coping mechanisms which result in substance abuse. If this is the case, and you feel like being around your family might actually be counterproductive to your recovery, there are options available. Halfway houses and clean living environments exist throughout the state where you can live among people who have had similar experiences and are also working toward recovery. Your therapist can help you find a way to communicate with your family that your need to live separate from them doesn’t mean a lack of love. They can help you create boundaries and maintain them for your benefit and theirs.


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