In Memory of Garrett Muldoon and Reneta Abbott

Our Director of Family Services, Ivona Bhadha, shares memories of Garrett Muldoon and Reneta Abbott, two dear members of the FHE family.

In Loving Memory of Garrett Muldoon

If you knew Garrett Muldoon, you knew a man of great wisdom and integrity. Garrett had a way of making everyone around him feel special and loved by simply asking, “Did anyone tell you today… that you are special and precious and wonderful.”

He was a fair man with an honest and compassionate heart. He did the right thing, even when no one was looking.

Garrett lived his life by example. Every day, he put the needs of others ahead of his own.

He showed those who were lucky enough to be his friends the ways to be a great husband, and how to be a loving, considerate spouse. There was never a woman more special in his eyes than his wife, and her happiness was everything to him.

When I think of Garrett’s passing, I think of a man who never really died. I see him healthy, strong and powerful. I continue to see him as a spiritual guide for myself and many others here at FHE.

Across FHE Health, I can still see his kind smile and two big dimples. I can hear his soulful voice asking me:

“Did you dream today about something you want?”

“Did you learn something new today?”

“Did you let go of something today?”

“Did you help someone today?”

“Did you love well today?”

“Did you live fully today?”


In Loving Memory of Reneta Abbott

Reneta Abbott was only 46 years old when the unexpected happened; she lost her health and her life. But, she did not waste her years.

Reneta was a true warrior – a peaceful and spiritual one. She had natural leadership in her soul and a strong work ethic. Throughout her life, she was a devout and loving mother. In a touching moment captured on video by family, she surprised her son with his first car. It was unmistakable how proud and happy she was with her children.

Reneta was a loyal friend, living with kindness and warmth in her heart. She made a difference in countless lives and her acts of kindness continue to unfold in many lives.

We grieve for Renata’s life, cut far too short. But, her presence is still felt. I can still hear her soft, but strong voice, and I can still recall how she made me smile.

I can hear her wise words: “Life is over in the blink of an eye and we are not here that long. The time of death is uncertain. Live fully and dream big! Don’t wait for tomorrow – live now!


Rest in peace, Garrett, and Reneta. We miss you always.


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