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Working at FHE Health has so many ways in which to be grateful for. As the "Peter Marinelli Director of Sober Living "Director of Sober Living, I get to work side by side with so many staff members who have such great passion for their work and our clients and their respective families.

Along with it comes the success stories that make all the long hours and hard so fruitful.

The following is a letter I received from a resident at Sober Living which sort of typifies many of our resident’s sentiments.

This young man was admitted to our Sober Living Program after many stays at other treatment centers (he was a chronic relapser).

He finally was admitted to FHE Health Treatment Center and after a couple of months there, was admitted our Sober Living Program.

He celebrates one year of continuous sobriety this weekend. What a treat to be a part of this new life.

Here is the letter he wrote:

“Dear Peter,

Thank you so much for doing what you are doing with this program and the opportunity you’ve given me. I feel truly blessed not only to be at your program, but just to be around you in general. I always look forward to you lectures and your meetings and I acquired something new and positive every time. I feel that your program was the only one that offered me the true solution to this disease. As much as I learned at the main campus, I don’t feel it would have been enough because it was all mind-based.

I “found” God in your program, and am now leaving your program with a true relationship with God.

I see God in you every day, and also in the people you teach. As you said last night, God put you here to teach. I feel God put me at this program so you could teach me and I will be forever grateful. If there is anything you ever need from me and extra helping hand, to help a newcomer, to share my story-anything-please don’t hesitate to ask

Thank you once again Peter and God bless you”.


How bout Sobriety! How bout God!



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Peter Marinelli

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