FHE Voted Top 10 Places to Work in South Florida


April 23, 2015


Top 10 Workplaces in South Florida

Deerfield Beach, FL

Today at the Top Workplaces Award Ceremony and Celebration hosted by Sun Sentinel, FHE Health was voted as one of the Top 10 places to work in the South Florida community. Some of the other South Florida companies that were recognized as Top Workplaces in South Florida include the City of Coral Springs, the City of Coconut Creek, Lang Realty, Berger Singerman, and SMG. A portion of all proceeds generated from the ceremony were donated to the Sun Sentinel Children’s Fund, making the experience even more gratifying.

The Top Workplaces in South Florida were determined through a process that required employees of each workplace to fill out a questionnaire about their employment experience and work setting. Questions on the survey included topics such as benefits, community presence, workplace environment, perks and leadership. After reviewing answers from many South Florida companies, the top workplaces were determined by Sun Sentinel and their partners. With FHE Health ranking in the Top 10, it’s clear that the employees of this first-class drug and alcohol treatment center appreciate and enjoy what they do and where they do it.

About FHE Health

FHE Health is a top-rated addiction treatment center that specializes in helping patients identify and correct the underlying issues that lead them to abuse and become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Through a multi-faceted approach, FHE Health focuses addiction treatment around the comfort of patients, family dynamics, as well as accountability and education. With billboards throughout the South Florida community that simply state “Where People Get Better,” FHE Health is quickly becoming a household name in the area, as well as across the U.S.,  for families who are looking to address drug and alcohol problems.

FHE Health staff members, owners and directors are all very grateful for the Top Workplaces ranking and say that they plan to continue to have a positive influence in their community, while doing everything in their power to help people who are struggling with addiction get better.

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