FBI Raids And Indictments At Phony Rehab Clinic Empire

Federal prosecutors have brought down the hammer on eight people who were part of a South Florida fake sober home and drug treatment center business empire, a cover for massive insurance fraud. The centers, which would treat patients going through opioid rehab and other such therapies, used the services in order to charge insurance companies over $50 million for services like fake urine drug tests, which the insurance reimbursed the rehab centers for.

The owners of the two companies involved are Kenneth Bailynson of Decisions Sober Living (located  in West Palm Beach, now defunct), and Eric Snyder, owner of Real Life Recovery and Halfway There, and will face over 20 years in prison if convicted. They will also be looking at the loss of their dozens of condos and houses. A just fate for those preying on people in need and those who help them.

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Federal prosecutors unsealed indictments on Wednesday charging eight people — sober home and drug treatment owners, employees and a doctor — with health care fraud and money laundering in two of the highest profile investigations in the crackdown on corruption in South Florida’s drug treatment industry.


Kenneth Bailynson, owner of the defunct Good Decisions Sober Living in West Palm Beach, and Eric Snyder, owner of Real Life Recovery and Halfway There, both face more than 20 years in prison and forfeiture of millions of dollars and dozens of condominiums and homes if convicted of bilking insurance companies out of more than $50 million for bogus urine drug tests for addicts.


The FBI raids at Bailynson and Snyder’s businesses in late 2014 grabbed headlines and were the first in an ongoing multi-agency federal crackdown on patient brokering and insurance fraud called Operation Thoroughbred. Click Here to Continue Reading

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