Excuses by Peter Marinelli

Peter Marinelli on Excuses

Do I make excuses to justify my inaction or my inappropriate actions?

Do I make excuses to continue living with old ideas and prejudices that inwardly harm me and outwardly harm others?

Do I find some sort of comfort in my excuses that allow me to isolate from life and others?

Are not many of my excuses are the result of fear?

How long do I want to live in the world of excuses rather than living in the world of the spirit? Oh no here comes an excuse. “The only people who live in the world of the spirit are enlightened people and I’ll never be one of them”.

I’ll never get in shape I’m too old or too busy.

I’ll never find a mate, no one wants me because I’m ugly or I don’t have enough money, etc.

Isn’t it time to be rid of the things that are keeping us down?

Isn’t it time to be rid of the judge, jury and executioner, we call the thinking mind, and it best friend fear.

Just asking.


Chop wood carry water

Peter Marinelli

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