Painfully Honest Overdose Obituary in East Lyme, CT

East Lyme

Grieving family shares the memory of their son

When the Majchrzak family in East Lyme lost their 24-year-old son Danny to opioid addiction, they decided to share his story in the hopes of making a difference.

As reported in, last Feb. 3, the Majchrzaks got the call they had been dreading for nearly six years. Records show their son Danny had carfentanil, a drug intended to tranquilize large animals, in his system when he died.

As first responders across the country have noted, the standard two doses of naloxone do little to reverse an overdose of that drug, which is an estimated 100 times more powerful than heroin.

When she sat down to write her son’s obituary, Chris was at a loss. But then the words poured out, “like it was coming from Danny.”

Her son loved basketball. He could talk to anyone, from any walk of life. He gave to others habitually. And he struggled with addiction.

“Addiction is a chronic brain disease that can be managed with treatment,” the obituary reads. “It is not a moral failing or character flaw. … We ask, in Danny’s memory, that you reach out to someone who may be struggling. Grab their hand. Don’t let go. Never Give Up.”

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