Dual Diagnosis Is Readily Available In Florida

Dual diagnosis is an important program for anyone struggling with addiction or substance abuse as well as a co-existing mental health disorder. Florida is home to many wonderful dual diagnosis programs that have helped thousands of individuals every year overcome addiction and live a healthy, happy lifestyle. Dual diagnosis is given when a client is struggling with not only addiction or substance abuse, but also a mental health disorder. Often times, mental health disorders can be linked to substance abuse, making it difficult to overcome one without overcoming the other. Mental health disorders commonly seen in dual diagnosis programs in Florida can include many types of disorders, ranging in severity and complexity. The most common mental health disorders treated in dual diagnosis programs in Florida include anxiety, depression, eating disorders, personality disorders, bipolar disorder and more. 

Oftentimes, addiction and substance abuse can mask co-existing mental health disorders. Symptoms can include such things as aggression, severe mood swings, rapid changes in attitude, anger or violent outbursts, social isolation, lying, stealing and more. In a non-dual diagnosis program, clients’ co-existing mental health disorder may be overlooked and considered to be a symptom of their drug abuse or addiction. Clients may also be struggling with more than one addiction or more than one mental health disorder, further complicating the diagnosis and treatment. Going to a dual diagnosis program in Florida ensures that clients struggling with a co-existing disorder will be properly diagnosed and treated.

For many individuals, going to a dual diagnosis program in Florida has been the cornerstone to their recovery. When a person struggling with a mental health disorder attends a treatment center in Florida that does not provide dual diagnosis, they may find themselves having trouble staying sober after leaving treatment in Florida. The mental health disorder that the individual is suffering from has not been properly treated and may lead the individual to self-medicate. Treating co-existing mental health disorder(s) that are linked to a person’s substance abuse while they are in addiction treatment in Florida greatly decreases their chances for relapse after treatment.

Dual diagnosis is readily available in Florida and there are many programs to choose from. To ensure you choose the right dual diagnosis program in Florida for you or your loved one, researching all of your options is important. If you have health insurance, calling your insurance provider should be your first step. They can provide you with information on what your plan will cover. You can then begin to search for dual diagnosis programs in Florida that accept your insurance provider. The dual diagnosis program in Florida you choose should be run by licensed clinical and medical professionals with a reputation for providing comprehensive, supportive care.

At FHE Health, we have seen over and over again first hand how dual diagnosis addiction treatment in Florida can change the life of a person struggling with addiction. Please call us now at (866) 421- 6242 for more information on our dual diagnosis program in Florida and how we can help you.

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