Depressants And The Myth of The Functioning Addict

The term depressants is used to describe the category of drugs that inhibit the functioning of the Central Nervous System. Broadly speaking these substances lower the user’s ability to experience and process their environment, diminishing sensory experiences and relaxing the body and mind.  Alcohol, barbiturates, opioids, and benzodiazepines all belong to this category. Many of them have useful clinical functions such as treating anxiety disorders, pain relief, and sedative effects. At FHE Health we offer a myriad of programs including alcohol, opioid, barbiturate, and benzo detox in Florida drug rehab centers because many depressants carry a very high risk of addiction.

Side Effects

Side effects of a depressant vary based on the drug, some common symptoms are:

  • Drowsiness
  • Relaxation
  • Euphoria
  • Decreased social inhibition
  • Suppression of REM sleep

The Myth of The Functioning Addict

By far the most common depressant is Alcohol. The casual prevalence of alcohol in our culture means that it is a much more socially acceptable drug to consume, indeed in many aspects of society it is socially acceptable to become chemically dependent on alcohol and other depressants, as long as you are still a “functioning addict”. However, it is important to be clear, even if you are able to attend to your responsibilities without them falling apart, an addiction to a depressant is still extremely dangerous to your physical person. In addition to the personal risks of liver disease, increased risk of cancer, and other serious consequences to this kind of substance abuse, it is estimated that nearly half of all assaults, homicides, and vehicle related deaths involve a depressant.

Abusing a substance to chemical dependency, in spite of what some social norms may be, can have devastating results. It is also notable that substance abuse of this nature is often a co occurring disorder. And if you don’t treat both disorders, any mental health related disorders will continue to fester under the surface.

Depressant Truth

As it turns out, depressants are some of the most common reasons to attend a drug rehab center in South Florida. There are many factors that might drive a person to depressant abuse, but a very common thread the feeling of being overwhelmed or out control of some portion of their life. Anxiety or stress can cause a person to seek an attenuated state of mind offered by depressants, and once they their body associates that sense of safety and comfort with the intake of that substance in begins to crave it as a way to protect itself from the outside forces causing the stress. Unfortunately, nothing is actually changing while the user is employing the depressants, so the stress returns pretty immediately when the drug’s effect wears off.

As with any chemical dependency, you should seek out qualified medical assistance to get free of the drug, and to get treatment for any co occurring disorders you may have. At FHE we offer treatment for many depressants including but not limited to alcohol, barbiturate, opioid, benzo rehab. Florida treatment centers are available for you with qualified professionals who can help you get clean and help you learn other strategies for dealing with the stress and anxiety of life.

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