Delray Considers Suing Drug Manufactures Responsible For Opioid Epidemic

Delray Considers Suing Drug Manufactures Responsible For Opioid Epidemic

Mayor Cary Glickstein of Delray Beach has come up with a novel approach to dealing with the opioid epidemic: hold “big pharma” accountable for deceptive and unfair marketing practices.

Hardly a day goes by in Palm Beach County without a drug overdose, and Delray Beach seems to be the epicenter. Since each overdose costs the city about $2,000, the Mayor suggested that suing the drug companies might be a way to recoup that money.

The CEO of Immersion Recover Center in Delray admitted that he has seen people become addicted to painkillers and then move on to heroin when the pills become too expensive. “You’re really hooked at that point,” he said, adding that the results of addiction can be fatal.

More important, Ray hopes that a lawsuit could launch a much-needed conversation that would change the attitude toward drug use just as the lawsuits against tobacco a decade ago changed smoking behaviors.

Governments in other states, such as Ohio and Mississippi, have already won similar lawsuits against opioid manufacturers. So far no date has been set for city commissioners to meet with their attorneys.

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