Debunking Depression Myths

Depression is a word that gets tossed around a lot when talking about pretty minor setbacks. But being ‘depressed’ because the frozen yogurt shop is out of your favorite flavor does a pretty huge disservice to individuals who suffer from Clinical Depression. Let’s talk about some of the myths surrounding Major Depressive Disorder (MDM) and what the truth actually is about it.


Isn’t Depression just feeling sad?

Everybody feels sad sometimes, sometimes even for a couple of days at stretch, but MDM goes beyond that. For it to be classified as MDM, the distress must be at least two weeks, and be severe enough that they interfere with the individual’s ability to work or maintain healthy relationships.


Can’t depressed people just choose to cheer up?

Not really. When nondepressed people think of a time of depression they might consider a crisis like losing a job or a loved one. Crisis like this can elicit some very negative emotions, but the person knows that time will pass, and they will return to normal. For people who suffer from MDM, it is a way of life. There is no end in sight, and sometimes a simple action like getting out of bed seems utterly impossible. If it was possible to will your way out of depression, we’d have far fewer cases.


They’re not depressed – they’re just lazy.

Again the baseline definition of MDM is that it has to be severe enough to affect the individuals work or social life. It is hard to comprehend how draining in can be to constantly feeling hopeless, or like you are continually being asked to do impossible things. It’s not laziness, it is pure exhaustion.

Depression is a catalyst to a lot of substance abuse, and taking the time to understand it a little better can give you a real head start in understanding the nature of addiction.

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