Counterfeit Xanax Mixed With Deadly Fentanyl Gaining Ground as Party Drug

An investigation by FOX 11 in Los Angeles found a worrying trend of underworld youth parties with drinking and drugs that could kill with a single pill. Xanax has been popular in some circles as a party drug, but they are not always what they are supposed to be. Counterfeit Xanax is mixed with opiates for any number of reasons. The worst is when the pills are made with fentanyl, which is more powerful than heroin and can be deadly with barely any of it consumed. On top of that,  opioids and Xanax-like drugs can depress the user’s breath, potentially causing a swift death. The investigation found DJs and drug dealers passing these pills around, even to children in attendance of the parties.

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A FOX 11 investigation is taking you into the world of “xans” and “bars”, counterfeit Xanax pills taken by young adults which could be laced with the extremely deadly synthetic opioid fentanyl.

“Imagine three to five grains of table salt, that’s the potential fatal dose for an adult,” said Marlon Whitfield of the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Los Angeles division. “If you take one of these pills, there’s a chance you may die.

Xans have been glorified by hip hop artists in the music industry, they’ve appeared in numerous of their music videos, and they’re being sold all over social media, especially Instagram, including by a popular DJ in the San Fernando Valley. Click Here to Continue Reading

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