Come Out Come Out, Wherever You Are!

I recently attended a conference and had the pleasure of being around some of our “good old-timers”. There were many.  Forty years sober forty five, fifty and fifty three years sober.
There was a women who was sober 48 years standing there wither sponsor who had 49 years. It was so refreshing to hear these folks talk about our steps and big book.

I was grateful and humbles by it all.
I wonder where some of our other old-timers are hiding at our local meeting. God knows we need them.  The new folks need to hear how it was and hear the stories and touch our d=sacred history.
I often wondered if Bill and Bob had visions of AA being populated with some folk’s texting and talking for entire hour while the meeting is going on or walking into a meeting with “saggys” and baseball hats on sideways.
One of the highlights for me was during the countdown. One gentleman who had 53 years sober got up when the countdown began and stood in the back of room .

The countdown ended when another fellow AA (who had 50 years sober) presented a Big Book to a couple of folks with 14 days sobriety.
After the countdown he explained to me that the reason he got up was because for the last few years he is always the person with the most sobriety and felt he should give someone else an opportunity to present to a new comer.
Humility! What a power of example
The old-timers talked about the 12 step calls and sponsorship while we chatted over during break time.
Come on old-timers we need you!

Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

"Peter Marinelli Director of Sober Living "

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