Chatter in the Mind by Peter Marinelli

Pause as I go through my day when the inner dialogue begins with its negative problem making machine pause. Become aware to it. There it is, there is my thinking mind again, than begin to detach from it. Tell it thanks for sharing, and move on.

If we were walking through the Bowery and were approached by a less fortunate person who was homeless, talking to themselves, and even yelling out curse words, some of us would pray for this person, while many would keep on walking.
Yet if we think about it how many of us are doing the same thing day in and day out that this so called “less fortunate” person is doing as well.
The only difference is that we have jobs and families and go home to a house and maybe, maybe, don’t yell out loud when no one is around. But we do have much conversation with others and argue with others, when no one is around! We even have discussions about events from years ago.
Think about this for a moment. On your way to work this morning as you drove alone in your car, how many people were in the car with you? Think about it. Probably a whole bunch of folks, as you had many conversation with them. The husband, wife, ex husband, ex wife, boss, and employer’s, kindergarten teacher, old friend’s, future ex wives and husbands. Get the idea. We were holding all sorts of conversations.
How much of the inner dialogue that our mind gives us just nonsense, all based in fear, and yet we give it so much credibility. We tell ourselves “I thought of it, so it must be true”.

The thinking mind loves to make drama. If we don’t have drama it will invent drama. It needs something and can never exist in this moment, but always exists in the before and later on.

Chop wood carry water
Peter Marinelli

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