Change by Peter Marinelli

Change by Peter Marinelli

“To show other alcoholics precisely how to recover is the main purpose of this book”
How often have do we hear new comers ask when is it going to get better, when will I experience “the promises”? How often have they been told, don’t leave till the miracle happens hang in there, it gets better, make more meetings and take more commitments.
Now these are all helpful suggestions, however, let’s pay attention to the word in the opening quote “precisely”. The precise answer for the newcomers question is, when all the instructions are completed up until page 84, and then the promises on pages 84 and 85 will go from concept to an experience, and a life changing one at that.
I am so grateful that many of the folks put in my path instructed me to follow the directions laid out in our basic text.
In fact, the concept of having a God personal to me became a life of oneness with a God personal to me.
For some the process happens slowly and for some it happens quickly, but when God shows up, God shows up. And when this happens to an individual, life has now changed. The alcoholic who once was sick and suffering is now experiencing freedom from bondage and is of maximum service to all.
“The age of miracles is still with us”
Chop wood, carry water
Peter Marinelli

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