Cannabis Addiction is More than a Punchline

There is a scene in the popular Fox Network show American Dad where Haley Smith, a casual drug user on the show, says that she has “a pot problem”. Haley’s mother Francine shrugs it off and coldly says, “Just stop it Haley” – though she’s not saying just stop using cannabis, but that she should stop making that claim. This sentiment is usually the case in popular media media as far as addiction to cannabis is portrayed. In fact, you would most likely be hard pressed to find any television show or movie that shows marijuana addiction in a serious light whatsoever.


Cannabis Addiction is Real

While it is certainly nowhere near as prolific as heroin abuse these days, there are still a number of rare cases where people genuinely become addicted to cannabis to the point that it starts having a very negative impact on their life at home, work, or at school. Although the majority of these cases have to do with teens who have zero experience with any other substances nor the knowledge of how to deal with addiction, sometimes adults can fall into this trap simply because they had always heard that it’s impossible to become addicted to cannabis.

Many of the side effects of a cannabis addiction are the same as the effects that people are using the drug to achieve. It’s not hard to imagine which of these effects can have a terrible impact on the productivity of a person’s life, especially as far as concentration and critical thinking are concerned.


Getting Help

If you believe that you or a loved one has developed an addiction to cannabis, contact us right away and we can start getting your family the drug abuse treatment that they deserve. Our certified staff will help not only the addict in your life, but can work with the entire family to ensure sympathy, support, and success in the long run.

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