Benefits of All Inclusive Addiction Treatment

The benefits of all-inclusive addiction treatment program are that all needed services are provided to addiction patients. This means that any health issues and problems that affect addiction victims are addressed.

Detoxification Services

One of the key benefits of all-inclusive addiction treatment is that individuals are able to get detoxification services. It is essential for an addict to get rid of all toxins from the body prior to entering a treatment program. The role of detoxification is to cleanse the body of the addictive substance and to help a patient successfully pass through withdrawal symptoms that accompany the cessation of the substance.

Mental Health Services

Other benefits of all-inclusive addiction treatment are that a patient can get treatment for mental health issues. In most cases, people addicted to drugs and other substances tend to have underlying mental or behavioral issues. Benefits of all-inclusive addiction treatment are that it helps in treating such mental issues.

Outpatient Treatment Services

There are some patients that may not be able to attend inpatient programs due to several reasons such as family responsibilities. Benefits of all-inclusive addiction treatment at this juncture encompasses outpatient treatment services that are flexible and allow patients to attend to other duties and responsibilities, while at the same time undergoing treatment.


Another of the benefits of all-inclusive addiction treatment is companionship. The few days after completing a treatment program can be extremely challenging for recovering addicts. When recovering victims return back to society, they may suffer loneliness because people tend to fear associating with them. This may drive them back into drug use. However, a program that offers companionship services can be extremely helpful to such people. The benefits of all-inclusive addiction treatment is that it provides a sober coach or companion who plays the role of helping a recovering patient. Additionally, the companion encourages the patient to practice abstinence from the drug or substance and any other self-destructing behavior.

Family Mediation Services

Treatment that is all-inclusive also entails family mediation services. The key focus of family mediation is problem-solving approaches for different family issues, as well as mutual respect. A family mediator comes in handy in cases where there has been a continual dispute among family members concerning a loved one’s issue with substance or drug abuse. A family mediator not only helps in resolving the family issues, but he or she gives the family a chance to progress or move forward.

After Care Services

Under a treatment program that is all-inclusive, patients that have completed their treatment successfully can continue receiving outpatient and alumni services. They are encouraged to continue with the care plan so that they do not relapse to using drugs.

Getting the best help for a loved one can be a challenging process. FHE Health provides a treatment program that is all-inclusive for addiction patients. Please contact us now to learn how we can help you.

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