Basic Steps of Recovery

The struggles with drugs, alcohol or any type of addiction can take a person on a rollercoaster of situations and emotions. Knowing some of what to expect can help to make the process a little easier.
1. Admitting the problem – no matter what the addiction or how deep of a hole the addict may have dug, the first step is realizing there is a problem.
2. Seeking out help and support – the next thing that will be necessary for recovery will be help. This may come from a private counselor, a treatment center, local meetings, friends and family or a combination of them all. It is important for recovery that you not take the journey alone.
3. Thinking of others – addiction pushes you to put everyone else below your desires for the substance or action that drives that addiction. Changing the ordinary behavior from “me first” to one that thinks of others will help you along the road to recovery.
Recovery takes effort and consistent determination. It comes with highs and lows that can drive some people back to the one thing they are seeking to leave. Understanding the basic steps of addiction recovery can help you avoid the relapse that comes from the struggles to overcome.

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