Baltimore Region Kicks Off 2018 With 2 Overdoses

Harford County

Continuing last year’s trend, 2018 in Harford County starts on a deadly note

While it’s hopeful to believe that this year things will be different, 2018 looks a lot like 2017 in Harford County, just north of Baltimore.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Harford County has already had two suspected heroin overdoses — one of them fatal – the Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday.

That comes off a year in which Harford again saw record numbers of heroin and other opioid-related overdoses, both fatal and non-fatal.

Just two days into the new year, it’s too soon to see a pattern emerging on the ages of the county’s overdose victims, Cristie Kahler, director of media relations for the Sheriff’s Office, said.

“We do know that we have consistently seen that there is no demographic that is immune. Last year’s victims ranged from 17 to 64, with an average age of 32.5,” Kahler said. “Our heroin coordinator will continue to track all data surrounding both fatal and nonfatal overdoses to determine if we will see any new trends emerge.”

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To read more about how Harford County is looking to change course in 2018, please visit The Baltimore Sun.

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