Andy Serkis Reveals Gollum’s Personality is Based on Addiction

Addiction is a very active part of life. From severe cases of drug addiction to addictions that benefit us such as working out, addiction is inescapable. It is part of human nature to continue to perform activities that give us pleasure. Scientists have been studying why certain people develop the disease of addiction and others don’t. We are still unaware of the answer but continue to provide a solution to overcoming harmful addictions. Addiction is often portrayed in movies as a very obvious thing.

Andy Serkis, who is the voice of Gollum in the famous Lord of the Rings trilogy and the upcoming movie The Hobbit, has recently confirmed his character is based on addiction. Gollum is a creature who is consumed by his need to have possession of the ring. The actor takes his inspiration from addicts who are struggling with an intense addiction. He portrays this in the way he fluctuates his voice when he speaks of the ring and how it is his “precious”. The character Gollum is computer-generated imagery using Andy Serkis facial structure and body movement. He really makes the character come alive through voice acting that is similar to a raspy cat. By identifying the character with addiction Serkis makes the character more relatable to the common American struggling with some form of addiction or who knows someone who is. Addiction is an increasing problem in American that should be addressed and by having this character adopt these characteristics he becomes more human like, unlike his appearance. Gollum used to be a hobbit but as the ring consumed him he changed into what he now is today.

By creating more characters that struggle with addiction, not only is it interesting, but it also draws more attention to the increasing problem of addiction.

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