Addiction’s Feedback Loop…

…Shame & Self Loathing Feed Addiction feeds Shame & Self Loathing feed…

Many of the mental health disorders that lead to substance abuse and addiction can be, at least in part, the result of great trauma such as abandonment, neglect, physical, mental or sexual abuse. As a result of that kind of deep tragedy people often fall into the self same loathing and shame that leads a person to an addiction to drugs and alcohol to begin with, which then in turn loops to producing even more self hate and guilt or shame. Living a life consumed by chemical dependency in the form of a tragic opiate addiction is often the result of a lifetime steeped in this kind of self loathing and shame. It becomes a feedback loop that looks and feels very much like hopelessness to someone who hasn’t made the courageous decision to go to FHE Health opiate rehab. Florida detox and wellness centers have medical professionals on standby to keep you safe both physically and emotionally.  

You Have The Power to Break The Cycle

Those harmful feelings are fed by the ways in which your life was compromised by your opiate addiction. Your most important relationships suffered, you lost career opportunities, and the addiction took a toll on your emotional and physical wellbeing. All of this self hatred and shame ebbed and flowed through you as you went through the traumatic symptoms of heroin withdrawal. Florida is full of people just like you, people who have lost some of the most precious parts of their lives to this devastating cycle. But by coming to FHE Florida detox and wellness center, you’re breaking the cycle.


Heroin or any other opiate addiction will pillage your life, producing more self hatred and shame, if you don’t seek out help. Call FHE Health now and we can help you get clean through detox and opiate rehab in Florida.


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