5 Reasons To Consider Detox Before Recovery


The detox process gets a bad rap. And rightly so, detox is uncomfortable and is only the first step in a long road of changing behaviors, ideas, and your perspective. But even though it is merely a jumping off point, it is still very important for multiple reasons. Now most of the reasons have to do with your health but they also have to do with your recovery.

Here are 5 Reasons You Need Detox Before You Can Recover

 1. Coming off of certain drugs can be slightly dangerous. Slightly dangerous meaning possibly fatal if not watched by a medical staff.

When you come off drugs there are symptoms and some of the symptoms are really dangerous. How severe the symptoms are depends on what you were using and how much. And this is the only time what you are using and how much will matter. Why? Because when it comes down to it, how much and what you were using doesn’t define you as an addict, it is how you feel sober that does. Anyways with that said, coming off a severe alcohol abuse issue is really dangerous, same with benzos. Heroin is possibly dangerous. Same goes for all opiates. So just get the help. Avoid the risk. It is worth it.

2. You probably couldn’t have done it on your own.

No offense, we know in all other areas of your life you are probably responsible, and able to control or take care of things. But this is the one area where you “lose control.” Detox gets you through the inability to use willpower to keep you sober. Because we all know, chances are if you are thinking about going to detox, that you have tried using willpower before and it didn’t work. It probably won’t work this time either. Just ask for the help. Make it easier on yourself.

3. You realize you are not alone.

Cause you are not! There are actually 23 million of us out here with a drug and alcohol problem that feel just like you. You will meet some of us in detox, you will meet some of us who are already sober, and you MET a lot of us while you were getting high. Trust us, you are not the only person who feels the way you feel right now. We have or do feel l like you.

4. You start getting the therapy as soon as your start coming off the drugs.

And lets not even pretend, you definitely need the therapy. Drinking and using drugs is kind of asking for chaos. We do things when we are really drunk or really high that we wouldn’t normally do. We end up in situations we would never normally find ourselves in. This can cause a slew of issues that weren’t there to begin with. And then of course there are the issues that were there from before which are part of the reason you use drugs and alcohol. Whether it is anxiety or trauma…therapy goes a long way.

5. You can transition easily into the next part of your recovery.

Meaning what you should do next to stay sober is easy and can be planned out. And you know you need the help to do it. This is especially true if this is your first time through what we like to call the “circus.” Planning on treatment, halfway, aftercare, outpatient, IOP, OP, intensive inpatient, residential treatment, on and on and on….is a tad bit overwhelming. Going to a detox, one that has multiple different unique plans of care and helps you decide what is best for you is the smartest decision. Detox takes a lot of the hard decision making stuff out of the equation for you so you can just focus on doing the next right thing.

That is why you need detox before you can recover. Obviously there are many other reasons that could go on and on. But for the most part this is some stuff we thought you may not have thought of.

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