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Addiction treatment takes a lifetime of commitment and having an outlet that promotes happiness and relaxation in a healthy way. Massage therapy is great for relaxation and recovery because it heals the body and mind. It is proven to decrease stress levels and reduce pain and our patients find the relief they need from massage therapy during the detox process without using harmful painkillers.

Is Massage Therapy Beneficial to My Recovery?

Massage therapy can instantly boost levels of dopamine and reduce stress that comes with withdrawal. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain that is responsible for happiness and pleasure. Dopamine is released when using drugs and alcohol because they are related to pleasure; however, addicts use large amounts of the dopamine that their body supplies, eventually resulting in low dopamine levels. With lower levels of dopamine, it is hard to experience feelings of happiness and pleasure, which leads to many addicts enduring feelings of sadness and depression.

Massage therapy stimulates the nerves throughout your body, which helps the brain to increase its natural supply of dopamine and release it to the targeted areas. Massage therapy is a natural way to restore positive feelings and happiness without the use of drugs or alcohol!

Massage Therapy Removes Pain and Chemicals

Massage therapists melt pain and stress away during addiction treatment. Our expert staff focuses on blood flow and how to drive out the chemicals and toxins in your body. Chemicals that have built up over the years from drug or alcohol abuse can be gently released with massage therapy, helping you to get back to living a pain free life.

Massage Therapy Removes Stress

Along with stimulating the blood flow within the body, massage therapy reduces stress and can create feelings of relaxation and happiness. Relieving the stress of our patients is one of the main things we strive to do here at The Florida House Experience. A well-rested, stress free patient is always more inclined to think clearly and positivity then one who isn’t. When the body is massaged properly, it responds with an increased level of good chemicals that can help improve sleep quality, as well as naturally comfort the person receiving the massage.

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