The Effects of Alcohol Addiction: What Type of Drunk Are You?

What type of drunk are you?

What happens to you when you consume a few drinks? Do you find yourself ready for a nap or do you let loose and have fun? While it may seem like no big deal, the way alcohol reacts within your body is an important part of understanding your condition. For those with alcoholism, it’s essential to learn more about yourself and what risks you take when you drink.

At FHE Health, we provide the support you need to detox and recover from alcohol abuse. For many, it can be life-changing. Imagine not having to worry about what will happen to you when you drink.

Shedding Light on Different Types of Drunks

Alcohol impacts people in many different ways. The goal is to learn a bit more about yourself when you have a few drinks. It’s always important to understand the effects of alcohol on the body, which the National Institutes of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism point out are numerous.

It may be helpful to speak to a friend or family member you drink with to get real insight into the way you react once you start drinking. This questionnaire could help open your eyes to what happens when you drink.

1. After having a drink, do you find yourself settling in, relaxing and unwinding?

Types of alcoholism - quiet drinkerIf so, you may be a quiet drinker. The body reacts to alcohol as a downer. You calm down, unwind and may even doze a bit after having too much to drink. You are not overly happy, but you are likely more relaxed.

If you are a quiet drinker, you may be turning to alcohol to help take the edge off. You may also be the type of person who needs a bit of help to calm your mind.

Alcohol is a way for you to relax after a long day, and that may feel like no big deal to you. However, using alcohol as a relaxant can mean you aren’t dealing with an underlying concern.

2. Do you hear stories of the wild things you do when you drink?

Blackout drinker - types of drunkPerhaps you are the guy on the table or the girl that’s dancing without a care in the world. Do you find yourself always talked about as being wild or out of control when you drink?

If so, you’re an outgoing, over-the-top drinker. Many men and women are like this when they drink but the exact opposite in day-to-day life. For example, you may be somewhat of an introvert or just the good old guy to most people.

Drinking empowers you. It takes away a lot of the apprehension you have and lets you unwind the way you want to.

This may sound like it’s just fine, but overusing alcohol to let go can be dangerous. You may become too reckless and put yourself or those you love at risk. Some people need to drink more each time to achieve this state, making it more likely that they become an alcoholic and a binge drinker.

3. After a few drinks, do you feel happy?

Types of drunk - Angry DrinkerPerhaps you have a few drinks and spend a lot of time agreeing with people around you, making new friends and being a social butterfly. Your friends may tell you they like you better when you are drunk. Do you find it easier to be happy when you have a few drinks?

Being a happy drunk may not seem like a bad thing, but the real risk comes from how it makes you act. Some people are very agreeable while they are drinking and more willing to listen and do what others suggest. This could lead to a risky situation if you are around the wrong people.

Others come to rely on alcohol to help them feel any sense of joy. They may have some level of depression or another form of mental health disorder that’s not being addressed. If you find yourself seeking out alcohol to be happy, you may want to look into why that is.

4. Do you get angry or aggressive when you drink?

Types of Alcoholism - Happy DrinkerMany times, your family or friends may not want you to drink in public. Do you find that after a night out drinking, your friends no longer want to talk to you? You may not remember why, but they are angry with you.

Angry drunks can be physically at risk due to the aggression they show. Alcohol gives you the fuel you need to unleash your thoughts and feelings. It empowers you to deal with whatever you have bottled up inside.

The angry drunk could be an introvert during the day or the average nice guy. The problem could be pent up frustration and anger over things you haven’t or don’t want to think about.

5. Do you just stay the same?

Do people tell you they don’t think you’ve had a drink because you seem normal?

Some people develop a tolerance to alcohol that allows them to keep their cool. Others see no real impact on their personality when they drink. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you’re safe from the effects of alcohol exposure.

The Stereotypical Drunk – When Isn’t It Safe?

Drinking alcohol can be a social activity or a tool to hide feelings and limitations. No matter why you drink, it’s important to consider how much you drink and the impact of your actions.

Losing control of who you are may feel good, but you need to understand why that is. If you’re not happy with yourself, it may mean you need to take a closer look at your mental health.

Getting Treatment for Alcoholism No Matter What You’re Facing

Any of these types of drunken behavior can put you at risk of abusing alcohol. It’s extremely important to take action if you feel like you can’t get through the day without drinking.

When this is what you are facing, call on FHE Health. Our team of professionals can help you with both the chemical dependency of alcoholism and any underlying mental health disorders you’re facing.

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