Benzo Addiction

Benzo Abuse

Benzo abuse occurs when an individual takes more than the amount they are prescribed or if they take the drug without a prescription. For people with a prescription, it is important to take exactly the amount prescribed for as little amount of time as possible. This is to prevent dependence, a problem that many doctors fail to warn their patients about before it is too late. Anyone who has been regularly taking this drug, prescribed or recreationally, has to exercise extreme caution when detoxing.

People who are addicted to prescription pills that weren’t prescribed to them usually find them in the medicine cabinets of friends and family. For this reason, it is incredibly important to store and dispose of medication properly, especially in a household with people who are ex-addicts or teenagers.

Benzos are especially dangerous when combined with other substances, like alcohol. Both suppress the cardiovascular system, which can cause the individual falling into a coma or even death. Alcohol and benzos have very similar detox symptoms, and both can be very dangerous, especially when both are used at the same time.

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