I Am Truly Grateful and Forever Have a Place for Florida House in My Heart

My Name is Matt, I am 21 and I grew up in Weston Florida. I come from a normal middle class family who provided everything I needed to live a happy successful life. From a young age I remember feeling like something was off, I felt like I missed something somewhere. Life for other people around me seemed to come easy. I felt like I was struggling to fit in and did whatever I could to be a part of. I finally found my niche in baseball. In South Florida baseball is year round which allowed me to dedicate majority of my time to being on the field. For awhile it kept me from what would later be a deadly lifestyle of substance abuse. I continued to play baseball into High School, while maintaining a substance abuse habit on the side. Eventually the drugs caught up to me and all other things became secondary. I soon quit baseball my Junior year of High School so I could spend my time hanging out with friends and using regularly. The summer going into my Senior year I was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. My failed attempts at successfully completing the Juvenile Drug court program wound me up in my first treatment center before my High School graduation. I was court ordered to complete BARC’s IRT program and I did. I stayed sober for a few months and was able to get my self into Broward College, until I quickly found myself back at it again.
I developed a stronger habit in the middle of South Florida’s pill epidemic. I would become an IV drug user by the age of 18 and was in and out of detox’s and treatment centers. After a long run I gave up, the pain became to great and I pleaded with my Mom to send me away again. She called treatment solutions who quickly located the Florida House Experience and that day I was on my way. After two months of intense and successful treatment there, I decided to continue on and go to their men’s Sober Living program run by Peter Marinelli. It was an experience of a lifetime that offered me a new solution. After spending four months there I followed suggestions to go to half way and completed a successful six months in Boynton Beach at halfway. A year into this journey I was blessed with an opportunity to move back to Deerfield Beach where my roots are.
Today I work multiple jobs and am a dedicated member of twelve step recovery. There was a point in my life where I feared the future and couldn’t bare to live in the present. Today I am able to provide for myself and share this amazing gift of sobriety with others. I truly believe that without the Florida House and the amazing people who work there my life would not look the same. I am truly grateful and forever have a place for Florida House in my heart.
Weston, Florida