Harrison’s Personal Experience with Addiction Rehabilitation in Arizona

I Hope to Touch Someone, as The Florida House Experience has Touched Me

My name is Harrison. I am from Phoenix, Arizona. I am taking some time out to write just a little about my experience, strength and hope for the place that truly saved my life. The Florida House Experience gave me something that I can never repay. Only by sharing the message of what this place offers, and by living the program that it showed as a way out, may I hope to touch someone as the Florida House Experience has touched me.

My career as a drug addict and alcoholic started when I was 15. I had never imagined that at the age of 22, which I am now, would my life have fallen so far down that it was unrecognizable to even myself. My drinking and using turned me into a person that even in my wildest dreams I never thought I would be. My career started off slow. First drinking. Then I began to smoke marijuana. After that coke, ecstasy, heroine, and finally the drug that completely flipped my life upside down. Methamphetamine. Until trying meth, I had never experienced what they call in the 12 steps powerlessness. This drug, for lack of a better phrase, had me by the balls. There was nothing I could do. I tried every which way I could think of to stop and nothing worked. So over the next four years I battled my meth addiction. Feeling completely defeated every time my plan to quite had failed.

Finally I felt I had gotten a break when I received a contract that would move me out of phoenix to the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, California. I really believed this was my opportunity to break my cycle. A geographical change is the key to my problem. I did well for the first 5 months that I was gone, but I never did anything to fix my problem. I believed that the drug was the issue when in reality it went much deeper. The problem stemmed from my core. I went on a two month binge, and finally reached a point where I could not take anymore. I was physically so sick. No longer mentally there, and worst of all I felt spiritually bankrupt. I had exhausted all options and efforts. I finally reached out to my parents and told them I needed help. Within the next couple of days my mother had found the Florida House Experience and I was on a plane.

Upon arrival I was pushed into the solution of the twelve steps of alcoholics anonymous. This solution told me that there was a hole that I was trying to fill with all these external things, mainly the drugs and alcohol. The first step was to dig up my past and find out all the crud that I was holding onto, so that when I got into my steps I would be able to divulge everything and start fresh spiritually. I was given tons of intensive therapy as well as behavior modification. This was the first step towards living a life of sobriety in recovery.

Since leaving the Florida House my life has done a complete 180. I have been able to deal with my life without any external pacifiers. I have been able to apologize to most of the people I have hurt. Most importantly I figured out what is making me tick. The things that I feared that held me back from living a fulfilling and happy life.  Now I am extremely busy. Dancing and teaching. Working this program and freeing myself of the past has given a new life, which I never thought I would have. I owe this new life to the Florida House. If anyone is really ready to get clean and find a new way of life, I would recommend going to the Florida House. It was the best decision I have ever made. Thanks Florida House.

Phoenix, Arizona