Your Checklist For Admittance To Florida Drug Rehab Centers

Where do I start?

drug rehab centerFlorida drug rehab centers are a great place to go if you’ve had enough with your addiction and you just do not know what to do to get better. It can be overwhelming if you’ve always avoided any kind of treatment and recovery. Coming to terms with your addiction will always be the first step in your journey towards addiction. Some people have to experience horrific things and suffer much pain before they reach the point where they can no longer continue to abuse drugs. On the other hand there are people who haven’t experienced severe enough consequences or losses but are in a mental agony that has pushed them towards recovery. Do not be afraid of Florida drug rehab centers, they can give you a reason to live drug free.

Your Recovery Checklist

Your recovery checklist for admittance into Florida drug rehab centers will include doing your research on rehabs, calling your insurance, contacting your employer, and packing your bags.

1. Do Your Research – Florida drug rehab centers are opening up shop nationwide and the rehab treatment industry is currently unregulated in certain areas of the nation. It’s very important that you and those who are helping you find the best treatment center for you are doing all the research they can on local and non-local facilities. If you live in New York you’ll want to research all of the rehab facilities in New York and those in Florida or California. When it comes down to it, it might be better for you to go to a facility far away from your current environment. You’ll want to attend a drug and rehab center that is a certified addiction treatment provider by the states federal department of health. In Florida, all legitimate treatment centers are certified treatment providers by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

2. Call Your Insurance – Do you know if your insurance policy will cover your addiction treatment at Florida drug rehab centers? Take a look at your insurance policy and see if they will cover your addiction treatment services. If you’re not sure and don’t want to risk any issues with your policy, give us a call and we can tell you if we’ll accept your insurance and approximately how much it will cover.

3. Take leave from work – If you haven’t lost your employment due to your addiction then consider yourself lucky. If you notify your employer of your addiction and need for Florida drug rehab centers they technically cannot fire you. You can use the Family Medical Leave Act and check into a detox or rehab. You most likely won’t be paid during this time but you can’t be fired. Now if you do not go to detox or rehab and take the FMLA, then your employer can terminate you. Just to be sure, you should contact your local state labor relations board and ask what you should do. If you are fired for seeking help you’ll want to contact a lawyer who specializes in labor law.

4. Pack your bags – There are some things that you cannot bring to rehab once you’ve been cleared for admittance. No drugs, alcohol or drug paraphernalia are allowed in Florida drug rehab centers. No razors, safety pins or other sharp objects are allowed. No lighters, gases or toxic chemicals are allowed in rehab. No weapons or any kind or dangerous materials are allowed in Florida drug rehab centers. Pack enough comfortable and appropriate clothing to bring to rehab. Clothing that is too small to wear, has inappropriate graphics or contents are not allowed. You want to be comfortable in rehab not preoccupied with what you have on.

If you or someone you know is need of Florida drug rehab centers please give us a call at 1-844-299-0618.

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