York PA Nurse Saves Overdose Victim At Walmart

York Walmart Supercenter

Daughter Watches As Mom Saves A Life

A York PA nurse was shopping at Walmart when she saw a man overdosing in the aisle. Fortunately she had two doses of Narcan in her purse and saved him.

As reported by the York Daily Record, Talysha Hughes was running errands with her 8-year-old daughter Thursday evening when she stopped at Walmart in Springettsbury Township to get a copy of a key made.

She wound up saving a life.

As she and her daughter approached the store’s north entrance at about 10 p.m., she saw a man on the ground, unconscious. Some of the store staff had gathered.

Hughes, 27, who works at a local drug treatment facility as a detox nurse, suspected that it was an overdose. She identified herself as a nurse and asked one of the Walmart managers whether it was an overdose. The manager didn’t know.

The man’s pulse was weak. His respiration was slow and shallow. He was cold. The symptoms pointed to an opioid overdose.

Hughes reached into her purse and took out a nasal-spray applicator of naloxone. She had obtained the overdose antidote at a pharmacy and carried wherever she went. She thinks everybody should keep naloxone handy. It’s free, easy to use, and it could save a life, she said. You never know when you may encounter somebody in need of the life-saving drug.

“That’s the world we live in,” she said. “It’s out in the open; it’s in your face. This disease doesn’t discriminate. It’s everywhere.”

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To read more about how a nurse from York PA was an everyday hero at the local Walmart, please visit the York Daily Record.

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