X-Factor Insensitive To Demi Lovato’s Recovery

X-Factor Drops A Major Bomb

The X-Factor USA put together a reel of “drinking” gags aimed at Demi Lovato and the outcome was not well received. Demi Lovato seemed visibly annoyed by the video and seemed to mouth off an expletive towards the video. In the video she’s seen bickering on and off with Simon Cowell as they showcase their onscreen rivalry with each other. As they go tick for tack, Demi is shown sipping on a green drink numerous times. The green drink becomes the bud of the joke. This joke, if made on another person, let’s say her co-star Kelly Rowland, who has not publicly shared her addiction to alcohol and cocaine would’ve been received a lot better. The insensitivity that happens in the media towards recovering addicts is quite disgusting. Perhaps they felt this was their last chance to poke fun at her since she announced she would be leaving to focus on touring.

Addiction Jokes Are Triggers For Relapse

The problem with poking fun at Demi “drinking” any kind of substance is that it tries to diminish the severity of her alcoholism. They took a cheap shot at her in an attempt for cheeky comedy and that should never be done to a person in recovery. She did not seem to find it funny and looked shocked. We don’t know what her particular triggers are when it comes to her drug and alcohol use. This could cause her to feel embarrassed and hurt and leave her anxious or depressed. She has to fight everyday not to drink and to make it seem like it’s this jolly and funny thing to do is just not cool. Alcoholism is a major social failure (through the mass advertisements and promotion of alcohol) and health concern and with a TV show that pulls in millions of viewers poking fun at it just shows how people do not consider it a serious illness. Demi Lovato has been open about her addiction and has shared more with the public than she ever needed to about it and to be made fun of in that manner is just not right. It is good to see that others agreed with her disapproval of the clip and have spoken out about it on Twitter, Facebook and giving the video twice as many thumbs downs than thumbs up on the X-Factor YouTube channel.

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