Worcester Woman ODs and Plows Into Police Cruiser

Worcester Woman

Help was close at hand after woman ODs and rams police cruiser

Melissa Cain was actually fortunate to hit a police car in Worcester this week, because she had overdosed and might have died if Narcan had not been administered right away.

As reported by the Springfield News-Sun, Cain was arrested for OUI drug charges after police say she crashed into a parked cruiser while overdosing on heroin.

Worcester Police said two officers were responding to a call Friday afternoon when someone told them a cruiser had been hit.

The officers saw a vehicle smashed head-on into the driver’s door of ones of the police cruisers,

Police say they saw a young female driver slumped over in the driver’s seat as they approached the car. When they realized she was unresponsive, an officer had to smash in a back window to get into her car.

Several hypodermic needles were found inside the vehicle, and officers said it appeared the driver was suffering from a heroin overdose. Several doses of Narcan were administered to revive her, police said.

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To read more about how one young woman was lucky to hit a police car after overdosing, please visit the Springfield News-Sun.

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