With a Little Help From My Friends: The Importance of Group Work in Recovery

I used to think support groups were cheesy. I guess all I knew about them I’d learned from the movie Fight Club: a bunch of people crying and hugging it out. While these things certainly happen in some groups, the reality is that there are many different types of support groups and they are an essential component in your recovery.

Why Go To a Support Group?

Support groups are where people with shared experiences gather to help each other navigate their challenges. One thing many people in recovery find is that many people in their social network contribute to their addiction. It is important to connect with people who will aid in your progress rather than stand in your way. While everyone has their own experience, people in support groups can understand and validate what you’ve been through. Recovery can be difficult and often we are forced to make some difficult changes. A support group provides one with friends, skills, and knowledge so we don’t have to do it alone.

What Happens There?

There are many different types of support groups. What usually happens is they are organized around some sort of theme. Maybe it’s for building healthy relationships, rape and incest survivors, drug and alcohol abuse, or people with depression. There will usually be a host and they will often have pamphlets and information about access to resources you may need. At a table or in a circle, usually, people will have the opportunity to speak for a few moments about what’s happened since the last meeting, although you can always remain silent.

Some groups go further and have themes for meetings, there may even be speeches or workshops. Quite often you have the time to talk to other people one on one and learn about what they’ve been through and share your experiences as well. Some even have books to read, activities like meditation or tai chi, and homework. Every group is different, so shop around and you may find one that’s perfect for you!

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