White House Launches New Opioid Awareness Site

White House Site

New White House Site Tells the Stories of Opioid Addicts

The White House launched a new site that shares the stories of opioid addicts from across the country, including well-known people such as Darryl Strawberry and Eric Bolling.

As reported by The Fix, the site’s launch follows President Trump’s statement that his administration would be creating a “large-scale” ad campaign as part of its work to push back against the country’s opioid crisis. The Trump administration is also pushing for harsher consequences for drug traffickers, even putting the death penalty on the table.

Upon opening the website, visitors are met with a message from President Trump, who states, “Stigma, silence and a lack of information prevent us from confronting this crisis as we should. We launch this website to bring together the stories behind the opioid epidemic.”

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Currently, the site features 32 videos from people around the country. Most are from everyday people, but there are some familiar names, including U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, former Fox News host Eric Bolling, and former Major League Baseball player Darryl Strawberry and his wife, Tracy.

Adams, whose brother is in prison because of crimes related to his opioid use, touches on the fact that his brother’s use has affected the entire family “emotionally, medically and financially.”

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