Where Am I? by Peter Marinelli

"Peter Marinelli Director of Sober Living "I’ve learned from past experiences that staying current with my relationship to God and spiritual practices were and are vital to not only sobriety to my life. The tendency for so many is to rely on old experiences to be current.  Our big book states to “grow in understanding and effectiveness”, so it begs the question, what am I doing currently to enhance this relationship with God to continue to seek God without expectations?

What many folks fall into is a life of faith without works. We become hearers only and not hearers and doers.

Do I practice fidelity to my worship of God, prayer and meditations? Do I practice fidelity to spiritual practices in general or have found other activates to turn to when life seems to come at me unfairly? What I like to call these other practices are the mistresses of life. Things are not going the way I had expected or perhaps have run dry, so I turn to something that gives me what I want and not necessarily what I need. My wants can get dressed up as needs and I heading for trouble.

Life is, when we think about it, about relationships. The ones that we love and the ones we try to avoid. The people who smile when they see us the ones who don’t. Its life!

The ego will insist that everyone like us and do as we insist. We want to be the landlords of our own little kingdom and let only those who endorse what we want in., and God is on the outer fringes of life and life and the current moment is always in the way. We have family members, co-workers, neighbors ect., who do what they do based on how they see life and react as such. How am I doing in the mist of this? We can claim a Godly path yet character assassinate anyone who gives us a challenge. We practice judgment without mercy only to find that we are the ones who receive no mercy.

So my relationship my current relationship with God as you can see is vital, in order to walk through life gracefully with a spirit of gratitude. Not oblivious to what is around me and looking through life with rose collared glasses, yet to see life as it is. A journey and my works as I go through it-doing His will and not mine. In order to do this, I need to be “awake’ and not sound asleep to the God of my understanding. How can I seek God, how can I meet God, how can I hear God. when I am playing God?

A good spot check that always gets me centered is looking at the “bedevilments” on page 52 in the big book. How am I doing with life my relationships?

It is rather remarkable what when I feel the nearness of my Creator, how the world is worn like a loose garment and I am in the world not of the world.

It’s the chopping wood and carrying water, the spiritual progress, and plowing the field. Seeking God and making it the most important event of my day.


Chop wood, carry water

-Peter Marinelli

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