What’s Going on Here!? Convenience Store Drugs – by Peter Marinelli

One can walk into most gas station convenient stores or 711 and on display for sale is something called spice. It’s a relatively new drug that can only be tested with UA tests kits that specialize in this sort of drug finding.

Our young folks are purchasing spice to get high and some of the effects are deadly. What puzzles me is not the effects of drug use (we all know what that looks and sounds like) but how easily this can be purchased without protest are any controversy, Yet when a sober house or treatment center decides to purchase a property and house “clean and sober men and women” who are actively making an attempt at a new life under supervision and become assets to their respective community, these very same communities respond with protesting board meetings as if the Taliban moved into town. Can someone make sense of this?

Why aren’t we protesting in front of these convenient stores or getting to our local politicians do correct this “over sight”

Contempt prior to investigation and simple prejudice based in fear is usually the culprit here and then we have the “mob’ mentality in ganging up on someone or something. I would hope that the folks who are looking to protest would choose their fights wisely rather than reacting without all the facts.

Does it take a family member to be addicted before one can be more open minded to the community of recovering people within a community. Ignorance is the mortal sin to us all.

It has never worked and never will.


Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

FHE Health

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