What joy, what a gift by Peter Marinelli

What joy, what a gift by Peter Marinelli

I hear another speaker share their experience strength and hope at a 12 step conference to which I have been invited to speak as well and I’m still in awe of God’s grace and the Power experienced.

I watch again, someone with just 24 hours during a countdown receive a big book from a member with 39 years of continuous sobriety and tears fill my eyes, as perhaps another life and maybe another family is saved of any further wreckage. Perhaps that new member will climb on the shoulders of those who walked before and out of the ashes will one day rise an elder statesman. What a joy what a gift.

It’s the greatness of God and sobriety. I get to participate in these events not only as a member but as a speaker. I get to stand at a podium and look over the sea of faces, what a joy what a gift.

The Power of God becomes very tangible and His love can be heard in the voices of hundreds. What a joy what a gift.

I’m blessed and so are many others, to walk this path. Let’s shout it from the roof tops!

What a joy, what a gift.


Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

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