What is Addiction? And Why Can’t Humans Get Around It?

The word addiction comes with so much emotional and psychological baggage that it makes it almost difficult to define, and certainly, almost impossible to understand. Addiction, like anything else in relation to humans, is nuanced, to a point. Addiction looks and feels different to each person.


The First Few Uses

We know the physical aspects of addiction. You begin feeding your body some kind of substance. Whether you got it illegally, of the street, or it came to you legally via the pharmacist, addiction begins when with the ingestion of a substance.

Maybe the first try was pretty pleasant. You came away feeling really happy, kind of energized! You start to take the substance more often. At the beginning it didn’t take much of course, to get you high, or drunk. You could revel in your “cheap date” status with pride. But the more you drank or took the more it took to get you to the emotional landscape you were searching for, for that way it felt in the beginning. As you continue searching for that perfect feeling and you continue to increase your dose, your body is increasingly addicted and possibly even increasing  its dependance on your drug of choice.


Physically Dependant

By the time your body ends up dependant on a drug, there’s no way to get around the dependence and addiction without the supervision of medically trained licensed professionals. Withdrawal symptoms can be not only uncomfortable but in some conditions, quite dangerous.


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