What happened? by Peter Marinelli

I often wonder what happened to tradition and respect as I observe our world today.
Maybe I’m just getting old and grumpy (I hope not) but I have to wonder what happened. I remember when families sat down together for a family dinner and you left the table by asking if you could be excused not just get up and walk away. I remember after dinner having small chores to take care of. Like helping mom clean off the dinner table and taking the trash out. I remember getting an allowance for doing these chores around the house.

I remember when God wasn’t a bad word and being a Catholic was something you would take pride in. It seems as if today you see a society that appears to be Godless and God is a bad word. What happened? Perhaps too many religious zealots who will go to war in the name of God, when God was supposed to be synonymous with love and tolerance and has turned into intolerance and hatred.
Speak with most young folks today and they have no God in their life but certainly know how to text and twitter.
I remember when stickball, street games and neighborhood softball games in the local school yards where a regular activity. I haven’t seen a stickball or softball game in far too long.

I remember when Saturday and Sunday were days of spending time with the family.
I remember when there were three political parties to choose from not two and there was no such thing as being politically correct, and liberals were there to keep a check and balance on extremists and injustice, not a political powerhouse.
I remember when doctors made house calls and everyone was friends with the parish priests. This is almost nonexistent.
Computers have made the world smaller and yet we are so far apart.

I remember the mom and pop luncheonettes, now we have diners with menus that are larger than telephone books and the food is usually followed by heartburn.
I remember during the summer time, when families would get together during the evenings, with a pot of coffee in the backyard spending time with each other. I remember when neighborhoods were communities when neighbors helped each other. What happened?

I remember when you could put a Christmas tree in front of your house with religious decorations and not have to worry about some politically correct movement or atheist protesting to take it down. I remember when the Pledge of Allegiance was said in schools along with prayers. What Happened?

It seems we took away all if not most of this and we have been falling apart since.
What happened?

I wonder how come the Democratic Party didn’t want to use God at their convention –shame on you!
What Happened?

I suspect it may be as simple as this:
No God, No Peace
Know God, Know Peace

Chop wood, Carry water

Peter Marinelli

"Peter Marinelli Director of Sober Living "

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