What Are You Waiting For? by Peter Marinelli

Thoughts on our Women’s Sober Living Program by Peter Marinelli

As we approach the month of May, our Women’s Sober Living Program at FHE Health is about to become six months old. During this time we have watched miracles happen and the experiences have been uplifting. Women have come to this program with “untreated alcoholism and drug addiction” have begun to walk the path of being recovered, or as Marion Weston (the supervisor of the Women’s Program) calls it “women of grace and dignity”.The Women’s Sober Living Program at FHE Health mirrors the Men’s Sober Living Program whereby clients are experiencing highest standards of care from a staff who are immersed in their own recovering lives. The spiritual immersion program has proved over and over to be vital to their long term sobriety or as we like to aim for permanent sobriety.

Clients are not only getting to experience the 12 steps of recovery but get have for the first time in their lives and have their own relationship with a loving God.

Their lives shift from being consumed with their own wants to being of maximum service to others.

The Sober Living Program is located walking distance from the main campus in South Florida and just a short distance from the beautiful South Florida beaches, where we even have are lectures take place from time to time. Our women clients (like our male clients) get to experience job searching and find employment while they are with us and get to enjoy this new and wonderful sober life. Families are amazed of the miracles taking place before their very eyes.

I am so grateful to be a part of this miracle in the works.

If you are struggling from you addiction and wondering where to turn, please give us a call and turn   your life from one of addiction to one of freedom.


Chop wood, carry water.

Peter Marinelli

Director of Sober Living

"Peter Marinelli Director of Sober Living "

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