What Are Alumni Programs for Addiction?

Alumni Programs For Addiction Supports Long-Term Recovery

alumni programThere is no cure for addiction and the transformation that occurs at rehab is not something that can continue without personal effort and additional support. There are some recovery-based resources that one must interact with in order to ensure long-term recovery. Alumni programs are one the recovery based resources that recovering addicts should include in their recovery plan.

Alumni programs for addiction are crucial to the addicts and addiction professionals who become a part of their lives. All of the medical doctors, counselors, therapist, behavioral techs and other addiction professionals helped shaped your road to sobriety and keeping in touch helps you stick to your recovery plan and remember how far you’ve come.

Alumni programs allow clients stay in touch with the other clients they’ve bonded with and healed with after they’ve completed their stay at rehab. Clients are added to an alumni list and invited to attend weekly alumni meetings in which they come back to the facility for an hour or two of fellowship with other alumni members. There are dedicated topics to alumni meetings and food and drinks are also available.

Alumni Programs for Addiction Help Foster Fellowship

The most important part of alumni programs for addiction is that they keep clients in touch with one another. Fellowship is crucial to long-term sobriety. An addict has to feel like they have a sober community they can turn to in times of need and alumni programs help with just that. It is the goal the alumni program to provide the resources and fellowship that support long-term recovery. Some aspects of a standard alumni addiction program include:

  • Weekly meetings

  • Monthly outings

  • Monthly workshops

  • Retreats

  • Holiday Celebrations

  • Sober Parties & Events

About FHE Health Alumni Program for Addiction:

At FHE Health, we continue to provide support to each individual’s long-term addiction recovery through the lasting bonds they have built with our dedicated staff. Our staff fully understands the breadth of the journey you have overcome. The battle with addiction is difficult and the strength you have developed to make a change for the better is the primary source of your ability to stand tall as an Alumnus of our addiction treatment programs.

Alumni are always welcome back to our campus and to maintain communication with our staff. Not only have we succeeded in seeing you on your way to long lasting sobriety, but we have developed a deeper connection with you. FHE Health will always welcome you as a member of our ‘Florida House Family.’ We applaud your new found ability to live and lead a sober way of life, naturally, and encourage you to enlighten others about the positive change you have made in your life, especially for those who are just beginning their journey to addiction recovery.

If you or a loved one is in need of Addiction Treatment we can help. Please contact FHE Health at 844-299-0618.

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