West Virgina Opiate Upsurge Draws Attention From U.S. Health Secretary

West Virgina state and local policymakers met with federal government officials this week to discuss the state’s ongoing opiate epidemic. Healthcare, Medicaid, and access to substance abuse treatment were top priorities for Department of Health and Human Resources Secretary Bill Crouch. The leaders came together in an attempt to come up with bi-partisan options to address the crippling drug addiction.

West Virginia Has the Nation’s Highest Overdose Rate

Consistent with a nationwide increase in opiate overdoses,  “West Virginia already had the nation’s highest drug overdose death rate by far, with 41.5 deaths per 100,000 people in 2015,” according to USNews.com. Making treatment solutions even more timely and pressing for government officials.

A new West Virginia law authorizes a $24 million spend focused on increasing inpatient treatment beds, providing addiction recovery care and prioritizing the state’s growing opiate crisis.

The statewide fight against opioid abuse includes recent legislative approval for a new state Office of Drug Control Policy to coordinate statewide funding, reporting and data about drug use, overdoses, addiction treatment, needs and statewide policy.

A Generation Lost to Drug Addiction

Concerned for the well-being of families and future generations of children, Department of Health and Human Resources Secretary Bill Crouch said: “We are losing a generation of West Virginians to drug abuse,” The number of overdose deaths continues to rise after nearly an 18 percent increase last year, totaling 864 people.

Unfortunately, coverage remains uncertain for many individuals in desperate need of care. USNews.com notes, “Price deflected concerns from Crouch and others that tens of thousands of West Virginians, including 50,000 drug addicts, are at risk of losing their expanded Medicaid coverage under the federal health care overhaul being considered in Congress.” Price met this concern with,”We are increasing the resources to solve this challenge;” a direction that ultimately lies in the hands of party leaders.

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