We Are Not a Glum Lot by Peter Marinelli

We Are Not a Glum Lot by Peter Marinelli

A funny thing happened on a way to a meeting.
Well one day when I was fairly new and a member of a group in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn where the only requirement for membership is a pinky ring, sun glasses and gold jewelry. Five guys decided to go fishing and take me along as the new kid on the block. They’ve never been fishing before but were going to go anyway. So how do five guys from Brooklyn get dressed to go fishing? Suede shoes slacks dress shirts pinky rings sunglasses and gold jewelry. Five minutes into it they were yelling at the Captain “oh! Hey skipper my shoes are getting wet!”
Any way after a couple of hours out on the sea they did little else but smoke a lot of cigarettes and complain. One of the guys, “Sally boy” finally caught something. They all gathered around as he pulled and pulled and finally brings this fish on board. The fish starts flipping and flapping from side to decide. They guys than started to kick and throw punches at the fish, “Sally boy” then gets the fish in a bear hug and goes to stick its head under water. To which I asked Sally what are doing? He replied “I’m going to drown him”.
These were my spiritual advisers!
Oh well
Chop wood carry water
Peter Marinelli

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