Ways To Use Your Cell Phone as a Tool for Sober Living

These days there are countless tools and shortcuts out there that can help you maintain and support a structured, happy, sober life.

An especially useful tool are smart phones. They are as ubiquitous these days as rotary phones were, hanging on kitchen walls against yellowing wallpaper forty years ago. Cell phones are used as much more than just verbal communication devices. People keep their personal calendars on their phones, their credit cards, secret notes and their contact lists. Who remembers phone numbers anymore? I’ve heard some people jokingly call their iphones, or androids their exo-brain. We’ve become cyborgs. Might as well embrace it.

Here are some ways your cell phone can support your journey away from a life stuck in the mire of alcohol addiction or drug addiction and help undergird your efforts toward a sober life.

Meditation Apps

Many long term drug rehab programs encourage mindfulness meditation as a way to center your thoughts and control anxiety and depression. There are a ton of meditation apps out there. They often involve various meditations to listen to. A voice walks you through the meditation with a calming rain fall or brook trickling by. They might walk you through a lovely visual journey, maybe they guide you through a body scan. Usually the apps offer meditations that last for a variety of times: 5, 7, 10, 15, 30 minutes long. This kind of flexibility and convenience makes it difficult to justify not having the time to build a quality meditation habit.

Someone who’s struggles with drug and alcohol addiction often struggles with depression, anxiety, insomnia, feelings of a life lived in chaos or fear, of being out of control. Consistent meditation can ease some of these difficult feelings.

Calendar App

A calendar app is a life saver if you have a hectic life. Schedule the event, medication, appointment in your phone, set a reminder, and forget it. Your schedule practically takes care of itself, relieving stress and giving you a sense of control and balance.

Health Meter App

A vital aspect of living a sober life is making sure your body and mind stay healthy. A health meter app can help you manage your healthy and balanced diet. You can track exercise, mood, hours slept, pain or appetite. It’s the easiest way to intentionally pay attention to your tangible health and wellness. A big step on the journey of healing.

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